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Contact us over the phone or send us an email. We will then make arrangements to discuss our rates, hours, and other terms and conditions of our services before signing a service agreement.


We promote and foster strict guidelines to ensure the highest standards of service at all times. If you decide to report any concerns or an incident, we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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As a small business operator, we are able to provide very reliable and tailored service that is specific to the needs of every one of our clients.

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Being a small business, we are able to go out of our way to maintain a great relationship with all our clients so they feel respected and can rely on our individual attention at all times.
Our team of workers include staff with experience and qualifications working at Qantas, Federal Government, Aged Care Sector, Commercial cleaning Industry, Support Coordination and Allied Health.
We want to ensure persons with a disability are looked upon equally and has the same confidence when going about their day to day life in the community and when they are receiving our services or any other services that we help connect.

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We have a team of dedicated support workers who are keen to help your goals in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small business operator with a vision to provide the best care and support possible. We are based in Melbourne and have a network of support workers throughout the Melbourne area.
There are three types of plans in NDIS to manage your funding
  • Self-Managed
  • Plan-Managed
  • Agency-Managed
  • Self-Managed

    Managing your NDIS funding on your own. It gives you the flexibility and choice to decide what supports you buy to meet your plan goals.

  • Choice in deciding what supports you purchase in line with what is included in your plan, who provides these supports and how they are delivered.
  • Flexibility to use any provider that will best help you to meet your plan goals.
  • Capacity to employ or contract staff directly, or have someone employ staff on your behalf.
  • Ability to negotiate the costs of your supports so you get the best value-for-money and to use savings to buy more or better quality supports.
  • Control over and responsibility for your NDIS funding so you can manage your own budget for the duration of your plan.
  • This is similar to self-managed, but the plan manager handles all your invoices for your providers.
    Your are restricted to receiving services only through a registered NDIS provider.
  • Your are restricted to receiving services only through a registered NDIS provider.
  • The NDIA will manage your book-keeping and records of your spending.
  • All eligible applicants must be between 7 and 65 years of age.
    Local Area Coordinators will assist you with the following:
  • Understand and access the NDIS – This can include workshops or individual conversations about the NDIS.
  • Help you develop a plan that will help you achieve your goals and plans in your life.
  • Help you start receiving the services and support in your plan by networking and engaging with the relevant service providers.
  • Annual review of your plan
    • "VICCS always provides great services to me. It allows me to manage my funding with ease so I have the flexibility to do things I enjoy in my life."
    • "VICCS has gone out of their way to help me on many occasions. Recently they spent almost a full day with me at the doctors and arranged specialist appointments and scans to help my situation. I have had a stroke a long time ago and no one has done the amount of work that VICCS have done within the last few weeks of signing up with them."
    • "VICCS have reliable workers who have cleared all the security requirements. They ensure all workers have police checks, working with children checks and offer good character. I have never felt unsafe with any of their support workers."
    • VICCS has made my life easier! I find them very reliable and courteous at all times. They help me make the most out of my NDIS funding. I have always received genuine care and compassion from all VICCS support workers."